Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc. Approved as
RFS-2 Registered Renewable Fuel Producer

Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc. has been approved by the EPA as a "RFS-2 Registered Renewable Fuel Producer." Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc. is one of the few biodiesel producers in the country to meet the new EPA requirements.
This approval allows Genuine Bio-Fuel to market quality fuel "Green Credits" called "RINs." These credits have seen a remarkable jump in value as the new federal mandates are requiring fuel producers to obtain these "Green Credits" or face severe penalties.
The EPA now requires a complete "Third Party Engineering" review of all accepted producers. This review verifies that the highest quality standards, methods and levels of excellence are being met.
Along with higher quality standards, RFS-2 has set in place mandates for Green fuel use. These mandates ensure future demand for biodiesel fuel.

MAY,21, 2012